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Marketly - Full Marketplace Template

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Marketly - Full Marketplace Template is a clean, powerful & complete full marketplace platform by Zeroqode. This template would allow you to bring buyers and sellers together while you will keep a commission as a platform owner.

Features :

  • Dark mode option

  • Payment and transactions automation through Stripe

  • Admin Dashboard for Management

  • Responsive design

  • Save users choices even when not logged in

Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Data Structure


This section contains data such as About / bio of the user, Avatar image of the user, list of Bought products, Darkmode enable button, demo yes or no, First name, last product product, last show , list of Loved products, list of Orderlines, list of Orderlines sold, list of products and Shipping address.


This section contains data such as number of Clicks, Description, list of Digital products, Featured yes or no, list of Images, keywords, kind, Love count number, Loved by list of users, Owner, Price, State and Title.


This section contains data such as Owner user, Product Product, and State text.



This is the homepage for the template. it shows the diverse jobs listed on the website.

Custom State


Element Name


To load homepage



to popup signup page

Popup Login - signup

current seller


current product



to add a new product

Group Add product

new job

to prompt signup popup before posting a product

Popup Login - signup

set live

Group Add product


This page lets you reset your password.


This page comes up whenever the user search couldn't be located on the server.

Admin Page

The admin page allows the administration of users, products, messages received from us contact and interactive visualization of new products and users. - Dashboard tab - allows interactive visualization of the number of users and products with detailed statistics filtered by year and month. - Users tab - displays the list of users, email and the description of the products bought and sold by them with the possibility of deleting the users. - Products tab - displays the list of products with the price, the owner, featured, and love and the possibility of deletion. - Messages tab - displays the list of messages received from users. The name, email and message received are displayed here. Admin has possibility to reply or delete the message. When the admin responds, the message is sent to the user via email.

Things to Note

For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features at full until you will not buy this template and enable the delete functionality .

If already bought the template you can enable the additional feature by following the steps below:

For disabling the "Security Lock" alert in Admin dashboard, it's necessary to set the state "template" to value "no" in the Page "Dashboard". Click (i) icon to open page settings.

Also the workflow events which check if template mode is enabled or not on dashboard page.

Demo to preview the template