This section consists of Database Things and fields description for every thing which is part of the template.


To get to the Data section, click the database icon on the left side tabs in Bubble Editor.

Data Types

Note: In case you have accidentally deleted a data type - no worries! Bubble lets you restore💪the deleted data type. Clicking on 'show deleted types' or 'show deleted fields' from the Data → Data types tab will reveal the deleted items, and a 'restore' button will appear next to each deleted entry. Simply click 'restore', to restore a field or data type.
Tip: Aside from the below-listed data types and fields, Bubble creates these default fields visible in each data type: Creator, Modified Date, Created Date and Slug, except for the User data type. The User data type will have the following fields: email, Modified Date, Created Date and Slug. These fields' values can be used in workflows, conditional formatting, etc. To learn more, see the Bubble manual


This data type is storing information regarding the admin rights that can be enabled for admin users to access the admin panel and use its features.


Bank_accounts represent and hold information about bank accounts authenticated via plaid. They contain some reference information like name, type, sub_type and some important tokens and ids for Plaid calls.


Investments represent an amount of money used to fund a loan. They contain information about the investment like amount, share of loan amount, total_interest_gained, loan_id status etc.


Loans represent loan offers or actual loans given to borrowers on the platform. They contain information about the loan like amount, interest rate, relevant dates and many other fields most of which are annotated in the editor.


Loan_grades or Ratings are guides used to help determine the interest rate to be offered to an intending borrower based on their credit score. Each loan_grade has a min and max credit score field and borrowers that have scores within that range will have the loan_grades' interest_rate applied to their offers.


This data type is collectin logs.

Monthly Payment

Monthly_payments are the regularly scheduled payments that are made over the term of the loan. They are created every month with the first one created right after the related loan is originated. At the same time, an API workflow is scheduled for 1 month ahead which makes the Stripe charge on the user's default_bank_account, creates a new monthly_payment and schedules itself again for 1 month ahead.


This data type is storing the team members information.


Transactions are used to track all major financial operations on the platform which are loan payments, account funding, and withdrawals.


This data type is storing the information regarding US states.


Users are either investors or borrowers on the platform. They store the usual profile info (Photo, Name, Email Address), more detailed personal info (Address, Income, etc), payment- related info (Bank accounts, cards), role-specific objects (investments or loans) and a host of other things.


Withdrawals are used to handle fund withdrawals by investors. They contain information like amount, reference, destination bank_account, status etc.

Embedded Notes in Bubble Editor

This template comes with explicit Notes for Database fields, Option sets and their fields, and Privacy rules, which will guide you with the modification process.
In order to preview a Note of any data type or field, click on the 💬 icon.
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