Idevo - Idea Sharing and Voting Template


Idevo is a no-code template to enable you to build and idea sharing application. It allows users to get ideas in front of people and collect their feedback and votes.
This app enables you to measure votes, views and clicks, and it also has an explainer popup functionality that users see only during their first use of the app.


  • Voting, views and click count system
  • Popup for first visits
  • Online Community system with Disqus plugin
  • Responsive design
  • Landing page

Data Structure

Admin user

This registers the admin's email address, First Name and Last Name.


The basic info of a user stored here are First Name, Last Name, Name and Title. It also shows if a user is an admin or not.


Every post made by a user gets approved by an admin before it is made visible to other users. Posts get reactions from readers such as reviewnotes, instaclicks, twitterclicks, fbclicks, postviews, urlclicks, etc.


The profile of the user bears the user's email address and name.



This page displays posts by other users. The current user can like, dislike or/and comment on posts. This action displays the next post.


The admin page allows the admin view posts waiting to be approved. He/She can proceed to approve or decline a post.


This page attends to possible questions users may have, and responses/answers to the questions. Feel free to fill the information you consider fit for the page.


This page redirects users to Facebook (fb) or Twitter (tw) as they desire.


This is simply the login page where the user enters his login details.


This page contains information about the app and how it works.


This page allows a user share his/her idea and submit to the admin for approval.

Reusable Elements


The footer contains page links and social links of the app.


This contains the app logo and page links.

Signup / Login Popup

This page allows signing up using email address. It also allows for login for already registered users.

Things to Note

Database things

Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template.

Demo to preview the template