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HomeBNB - Rentals like AirBNB Template

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HomeBNB is a no-code app template for accommodation rentals, resembling Airbnb in functionality and visual style. It has the major features of the original website, including apartment listings, messaging, credit card payments and much more. Have real estate, venues, or something else to build a marketplace for? Use this no-code app template to build just the 2 sided platform you need to connect users.


  • Apartment listings

  • Search functionality

  • Responsive design

  • Landing Page

  • Payment system

  • Internal messaging

  • Listing booking

Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Data Structures


The User type on this platform contains fields like User listing (takes a value of the List of Listings), User reviews, Location, new message? (takes a value of either yes or no), and ID, the Conversation list (takes a List of Conversation) and so on.


Users can exchange messages on this template and this data type holds the Message list (takes a List of Messages as value) and the associated Recipient(User).


Every listing on the platform has details about them. These details are held in the fields of the Listing data type and they include; # of guests ( takes a number value), Description, ID, Location, photo, photolist, Pool, Price, Rating, Room type, Reservation (takes a List of Reservations), Unavailable dates ( also takes a list of dates as value) and so on.


This data type has only one field that is the Message body that takes a text as value.


All the information required for renting from the listings on this platform are housed in this data type and they include; # of guests (takes a number as value), Check-in date (takes date as value), Check-out date, associated Listing, Owner, Range ( takes a date range), Rented by and the Room ID.


Users can always rate and review listings and this information is held in this data type. Review has fields that include Listing ID, Rating, Review body and Review rating.


This data type contains fields like the number of guests (# of guests), Check-in date, Check-out date and the Location of the property.



The landing page of this template provides quick wide search option for available listings using keywords, also features some locations to explore from and a call to action on account creation and user login if there is an existing account.

Custom States

This page has no custom states.


This page provides a form for adding a new property and defining all its specifications.

Custom States





Checkbox Wifi/Internet, Checkbox AC/heating, Checkbox Television, Checkbox Pool

This state uses its value of yes or no to determine when is checkbox is marked or otherwise


When a particular apartment is selected from available listings, this page is viewed showing all the details about that particular listing. The user can also send a message to the host, set Check-in and Check-out dates and make payment using the Stripe payment gateway.

Custom States

This page has no custom states.


This page is similar to the page room but is used for displaying on mobile devices.

Using this page users can search for the listing they are interested in. Here users can apply filters, define required Check-in and Check-out dates and find the listing on the map.


This page is similar to the page search but is used for displaying on mobile devices.


The settings page is simple and shows the Credit card on file if any, Support ID, account creation date and time. In addition to this, there are options to edit card on file, connecting Stripe account and Deleting the account.

Custom States

This page has no custom states.


This page populates a list of trips a user has taken if any and prompts the user with the option to make a trip when there are none. It has no custom states.


On successful creation of an account with this platform, the user is prompted with a welcome page. This page is a simple form that take additional information about the user before they complete their registration and join the platform. The Welcome page has no custom states.


This page simply displays messages if any and it has no custom states.


Signup page contains a simple form to take the basic email and password inputs and it no custom state is used on the page.


This page contains a simple form used for resetting the password.


The page users displays listings with its associated user (host) and reviews.


This admin dashboard that is used in making changes to the database. In the dashboard, you can edit and delete users, listings and find statistical data. Go to view page of the user or listing

Specific Reference


To setup your stripe account, go to, create an account. You will be allowed to access your dashboard once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account.

Click on Developers and then, API keys. copy your API keys. Ensure to use a live API key when your template goes live

Paste the API keys in the stripe connector calling the plugin.

Things to note

Admin dashboard

The page uses a security measure to prevent deletion or editing features in demo preview.

Security measure which prevents editing/deleting

In order to remove the measure you'll need to change the field Admin to Yes, in the user datatype under App Data tab in Database for the user who will be able to edit/delete to enable the features.

Database field which needs to be changed

Demo to preview the template