This section consists of Database Things and fields description for every thing which is part of the template.


To get to the Data section, click the database icon on the left side tabs in Bubble Editor.

Data Types

Note: In case you have accidentally deleted a data type - no worries! Bubble lets you restore💪the deleted data type. Clicking on 'show deleted types' or 'show deleted fields' from the Data → Data types tab will reveal the deleted items, and a 'restore' button will appear next to each deleted entry. Simply click 'restore', to restore a field or data type.
Tip: Aside from the below-listed data types and fields, Bubble creates these default fields visible in each data type: Creator, Modified Date, Created Date and Slug, except for the User data type. The User data type will have the following fields: email, Modified Date, Created Date and Slug. These fields' values can be used in workflows, conditional formatting, etc. To learn more, see the Bubble manual


  • age - number


  • email - text
  • message - text
  • name - text


  • Select - yes / no
  • Text - text
  • Type - TaskType


  • name - text


  • country - text
  • firstName - text
  • isAdmin - yes / no
  • lastName - text
  • profilePicture - image

Embedded Notes in Bubble Editor

This template comes with explicit Notes for Database fields, Option sets and their fields, and Privacy rules, which will guide you with the modification process.
In order to preview a Note of any data type or field, click on the 💬 icon.
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