Habitly - Habits Tracking Template


Habitly is developed as an accountability partner that helps individuals track their growth in developing new habits and dropping old habits. New challenges can be taken up, recorded, managed and tracked using the Habitly app.


  • Easy-to-navigate page
  • Responsive single-page design
  • Activity reminders
  • Timer
  • Calendar
  • Stripe Payment
:::hint Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App. :::

Data Structure

A - Habit

This custom data type entails Name, remind date, Status, Timer and user details.

A - Timer

Each habit challenge activity can have End date & time, Start date & time, remind date, and be set on Repeat on days.


The user selects days for activities for every challenge. This bears the dayOfTheweek, Habit, Note (activity to be carried out), Status and Time. The user selects as many or less days as is convenient.


Habits are set as challenges which the user attempts to tackle. Each habit, depending on the activities the user wishes to adopt, is worked on during the specified date, days, hours, minutes, with streaks and title.


This template is able to keep track of the user's challenge history, length of time in years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds. The streak custom data type records Count, DateStart, EndDate, Habit, Status and User.


The user data contains the user's A - Habits, First Name, and Last Name.



All activities are carried out on this page. Habits are added, reminders set and activities monitored. Progresses can be saved and monitored too. It also showcases a list of existing/ongoing challenges (habits).

Reusable Elements

Signup / Login Popup

This page allows signing up using email address. It also allows for login for already registered users. On this page, sign up payment is made easy using the Stripe platform. Passwords are also recoverable.

Demo to preview the template