goSPA - Spa Salon Template


The goSPA is a no-code template to create Beauty Salon or Wellness Center web or mobile app without code. This ready-made template includes booking and e-commerce components. It will help your users to interact easily with your website.
Moreover, this modern, clean and beautiful no-code app template is responsive and fully customizable for your needs. It is suitable for showcasing your brand, products or services to get maximum results in short period of time.


  • Bookings & Appointments Management
  • Complete E-commerce solution with product management, checkout page etc.
  • Super fast site development with backend editing
  • Admin page provides the options to manage your products and services available
  • No coding, drag and drop website building.
  • Smart service showcasing for higher conversion.
  • Sliding testimonial section.
  • Custom shop page.
  • Stunning photo gallery.
  • Unique story page to share your company's story.
  • Fully responsive across all devices.
  • User profile page showcasing the products purchased by current user.
  • Stripe payments integration.
Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Database Structure


This section displays basic information about the user, like Name, LastName, Phone. Checks if the user is the isAdmin or not. It also displays list of CartItemsList, OrderedItems, UserBookedOrderList.


This section displays the main categories of your products. They help users to find products and navigate through your shop easily. It contains just one field CategoryName.


This section displays basic information about the product in the shop, like ProductName, ProductCategory, ProductDescription, ProductImage, ProductPrice, ProductPriceOld, ProductRatingNew, inStock, isDiscounted.


This section displays basic information about salon and beauty care services with pricing and other info, like ProcedureCategory, ProcedureDescription, ProcedureDuration, ProcedureImage, ProcedurePrice, isAvailable.RatingThis section displays ratings for the products on the website, like Rating, RatingProduct, Review.Cart ItemThis section displays information about product that is currently in user's cart. The main fields are Product and Quantity .OrderThis section displays information about beauty care services booked by current user. The main fields are OrderedProcedure, Order Details, OrderCost, OrderDate, Discounted, DiscountAmount , User. When user booked some services and prefers to skip the registration, additional information, like First Name, Last Name, E-mail and Phonewill be stored in database.BookedOrdersThis section contains all services booked by users to display statistics in admin dashboard.GalleryThis section contains all the promo images used for the photo gallery. Galleries can introduce your customers to your products, your company, and the values you hold.


This section provides the visitors with each possible way to reach the company, like CompanyName, Address, BusinessE-mail, PhoneNumber, Logo, DiscountAmount, DiscountDay, DiscountHour.


This section contains all the feedback messages submitted by users via contact form located on /contact-us page. It displays information like feedbackUser, feedbackUserEmail and feedbackMessage .GuestReviewThis section contains all the reviews submitted by customers. It displays information like GuestName and Review .


goSPA Template comes with lots of ready pages. Each of them offers diverse features and functionalities.
The main pages of goSPA template are:
This page uses the grid layout to give the content a disruptive but harmonious appeal. Starting from the navigation bar to each single section in the page, you will find beautiful interactions to display the content.
This is a dynamic page to showcasing products that must be well-presented. Available products can also be filtered using a list of categories found above the search results.
This page lists dynamically all the health care services on your website. Whether you want to sell sessions at your spa or health and wellness related products online, goSPA makes it fast and easy. You’ll also be able to collect payments through the Stripe payment system.
This template also includes a booking and management systems. These can be used by your staff manage schedules or as a self-service booking facility for your clients.
This page provides a stunning photo gallery where you may showcase your facilities and accommodations.
Our Story
If you have a great story about how your product or service was built to change lives - the "Our Story" page is a great place for it. Good stories humanize your brand, providing context and meaning for your product.If
Contact Us
This page makes it possible for visitors to reach you through a functional contact page.
User Account
This page allows the user to edit his profile information, which implies name, email, phone and password. Also on this page user can see products he ordered and services he booked .
Admin Panel
This page allows the owner:
to add/edit products and healthcare services,
obtain full analyses and statistics to all the ordered products,
full calendar with booked services by days.
On this page owner can add/edit business information, like business address, phone, email, logo, discount days and amount of discount.
Page returns an error when a server cannot find the requested page, which means that either the page has been removed or moved and the URL was not changed accordingly, or that the user typed in the URL incorrectly.

Reusable Elements


The header contains the logo, main menu, user profile link also user cart. The header content can be changed.


The footer contains all contact information, quick access link, and working hours.

Signup / Login Popup

Users are allowed to signup and login to their account with email and password.

Booking Popup

Offers a fast and intuitive form to book an appointment. goSPA is a modern template that will help you create clean, beautiful, and responsive E-Commerce store for your Cosmetic, Beauty or Health products in minutes.

Demo to preview the template