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Gigster is a no-code responsive template for connecting workers in the "gig economy" and services marketplaces, similar to Fiverr. Built into the no-code template, buyers can pay the sellers while you will keep your commission (split marketplace payments implemented through Stripe). The template also enables user messaging, ratings and reviews.

Have a dream about empowering the new wave of work in the future? Build you app without code using this template and connect gig requester and service providers in no time.


  • Responsive design

  • Messaging

  • Ratings and reviews

  • Split payments using Stripe

  • User Authentication

  • User Profile Page

Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Data Structure


This keeps a record of the percentage of the commission received from every payment.


Answers to questions under Frequently Asked Questions are made available. Answers carry Answer Text, Product and Question.


The chat data contains chatMessages between Users.


Messages shared between users bear Chat, messageContent, messageNew.


Notifications carry Message, Read, Recipient, and Related Order.


Contained in the order data are adminPayed, Approved, Buyer, Buyer Comments, Cancel Requested, Cancelled, Commission, File, Product, Rejected, Seller, Sent for Approval, Vendor Comments


This shows the Category, Description, Image (most likely two different views), Name, Price, Published, Rating and Sold Times of the product. It also shows the dates of creation and modification.


This bears the Product and Question Text.


User's data contains profile information - boughtProducts, Date of Birth, Description, First Name, Location, Public Profile Image, Public Username, Surname, userAdmin, userChats, userProducts, Vendor, and wishList.



This page is busy with links to All Services, Top Seller, and Popular Services. On this page you can view all the available listings (those that are not approved or from sellers that don't have a payment account will be hidden). Also there, a seller can initiate posting a new listing.

Category filter

This contains listings from a particular category of choice.

Listing upload

This page is used for creating new listings. There you can submit the category, price, and service description. Also you can add questions and answers for this listing.

Product page

This page carries more information about a gig, including frequently asked questions about the product/service, and buyer's details.

User profile

The user's details are entailed on this page therefore it is used by others to check a users account or by the current user to edit his account details. Also there the user will connect his stripe seller account.


This page is for the owner of the app. There the owner can check useful information and statistics about the app as well as changing the commission fee.

Listing redact

This page is used for editing a listing. A user can make changes to a listing, add to the frequently asked questions of the gig and also change the category of the gig.

My Cart

On this page, purchases are listed in two sections: gigs in cart awaiting payment and favorite listings.

Search Filter

Listings related to search input are displayed on this page.


This page is where users can set a new password for their account.


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Reusable Elements

In order to see where some of the reusable elements are used use the integrated search feature provided by Bubble (check the screenshot below).

Bubble's search feature

The footer contains the business logo, links to the different categories, and the top seller product details.

The header consists of the logo, a search box, and link to the user's account.

Signup / Login Popup

Users can only use the app efficiently when they are signed up and that's what this reusable element does. It is used on multiple pages and inside of other reusable elements.


This reusable element stores a list of users the current user has a conversation with and upon selecting one of them the related conversation will be displayed with the option to add new messages to it.

Category Bar

This reusable element goes along with the header displaying a list of listing categories from the platform. Upon hovering a category a list of related listings will appear.

Product Card

This is a short card containing a gig's basic information such as photo, ratings, price, brief description, buyer's photo and name.

Edit Profile

This reusable element gives the user the possibility to change his personal information like photo, name, username, location, description and password. Also there is a toggle that switches the user's vendor status. When the toggle is off, all the listings of the related user will be hidden to customers.

Contact User

This reusable is used to contact/send messages to a user making it similar to the Conversation.

Sidebar Content

This reusable has the same utility as the header and it appears on lower resolution devices only. It is triggered by the burger menu in the header.

Scroll Top

This is a simple reusable that consists of an icon which upon clicking on it, scrolls the page to the top.

Things to Note

Database things

Do not delete an entire data thing unless you know what you are doing. However feel free to delete any content that was used for testing the template.


‌This template comes with explicit notes for Database fields, States etc which will guide you with the modification process.

Database notes


This app uses a simple integration of stripe to facilitate payments. The vendors will need to register as stripe sellers in order for their listings to be visible to the customers. There is an alert in the edit profile section for that which will make it intuitive to understand.

Demo to preview the template