Forumly - Forums Template


Forumly - Forums Template is a no-code app which brings people together and allows opinions to be shared. It enables users to ask simple questions while getting reactions and replies from others.
This template brings individuals of same and different lifestyle together which allows an avenue for opinions and perspectives to be shared.


  • Responsive Design
  • User Profile Page
  • User Authentication
  • Admin panel
  • Mark as answered
  • Answer topics
  • Related topics when add new
  • Works without signup

Data Structure


Every topic belongs to a category. In this data type can be found: Title, color and creator (made by).


Reactions on topics shared include the body (text), loved by (list of users), and owner (user).

Topic Post

Every post shared on the platform may get an Answer (Reaction), should have a Body, Category, Category text; may be Loved by other users, must have an Owner, may get Reactions, and have a Title.


User details such as Avatar, Bio, darkmode, Loved posts, Loved reactions, Name, Reactions created, and topics created UserType are registered here.



This simple but colorful page displays a list of topic posts while it also houses links to Signup and Ask pages. A search bar is also found on this page to enable user find specific topic posts.


This page displays a list of topic posts loved by the current user.


The current topic is seen on this page. Also visible is a list of latest topics.


New topics are added on this page, while assigning a category and subject to the post. Latest topics can be easily accessed here.Custom stateStateElementNotecurrent cataskused to add a category to a topic post


The user's profile is developed on this page and all user data stored - picture, name, email address and user's latest topics.


Topic posts are viewed in details on this page.


This page is designed to manage the app with possibilities to:
  • view all users + delete user option
  • view/create/delete categories
  • view user/post statistics by month and year

Reusable Elements


The footer contains social links of the forum - Dribble, Twitter and Instagram.

Signup / Login Popup

This page allows signing up using email address. It also allows for login for already registered users.

Things to Note

Admin Dashboard

For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features at full until you will not buy this template and enable the functionalities. If already bought the template you can enable the additional feature by following the steps below:
1. On "header" reusable element - button "Dashboard" remove the checkmark from checkbox "this element is visible" on condition "When current user user type in not "admin"" (see screenshot 1)
Image without caption
2. on "dashboard" page enable workflow "on page load" which has green color (see screenshot 2)
Image without caption
3. remove or disable all workflows that has red color (see screenshot 3)
Image without caption
4. enable all workflows that has green color (see screenshot 4)
Image without caption
5. note that in order to access the admin dashboard the user type should be 'admin' with is can be set from the database (see screenshot 5)
Image without caption

Demo to preview the template