Floyyo - Client Communications Template


Floyyo is a responsive, no-code template built for Freelancers and service providers to help them effectively communicate project updates and terms with their clients.
Use the app to design and distribute surveys in the form of a questionnaire -- all built without code! Create a landing page to show off your skills and convert more leads.


  • Communication
  • Landing page
  • User dashboard
  • Stripe Integration
  • Responsive design
  • Survey creation
  • Creating and editing projects
  • Project progress monitoring

Data Structure


This platform allows for user registration and the User data type holds the information necessary to operate a user account. Within this data table there are fields that include agreements (this takes a List of Agreements), the company logo, a name, notifications ( also takes a List of texts), projects ( value is a List of projects), surveys ( this a List of surveys) and so on.


Projects can be created and managed on this platform. Within its data table, fields include agreeement, approved ( value is either yes or no and is true when the project is approved), attachment, client_email, clients approval, comment ( takes value of text), comments (takes Comments as value), tas_items ( this holds a list of Tasks), cover pic, deadline, attachment (takes a file as value), etc.


Communication between a client and a freelancer happens with a set of agreements that governs their business. This data type holds details about agreements for this platform. Some of the fields within the data table include amount, description, disclosure ( this could be yes or no), deliverables, signed (value is either yes or no), schedule, termination, etc.


This data type contains only two fields that include name and items(takes titem as value).


This type holds the name, desc ( description), priority and proj_connected.


The Comments data type contains the message and the associated project ( proj_tied).


Survey contains the client_email, budget, status ( value is either yes or no), type and some texts f1, f2...f8.



This simple page is the landing page for this template. It provides the user options to signup, login and also shows an overview of what the platform can do.


This page provides two inputs that take the name of the task and the class it falls under. These classes are predefined and they include To-do, WIP (Work in progress) and Completed. Once added, each task is populated on the associated RepeatingGroup.


Within this page, the summary of the project and associated project's agreement can be viewed.


This page displays the summary of an agreement, showing details like the description of the project, deadline for the project, total amount agreed, total of advance payments if applicable and the deliverables.


Here, all the available agreements are populated on a list. The page also provides a search input to enhance accessibility and an option to create and add a new agreement to the list.


This page is similar to the agreements_list. On this page, all available surveys are listed and also a search input which is used to filter the list. Also the each survey could deleted from the list.


This simple page provides input forms that take user's email, the subject of user's message and the message itself. It has no custom states.


This page provides input forms that take necessary information needed for creating an agreement. It has no custom states.


This page displays a form that takes a user's email to begin the password reset process. It has no custom states.


Once a user is logged in, they are redirected to this home page. The home page provides options to navigate to the Project Documents or Agreements or Surveys and it has no custom states.


This page displays just the terms and conditions and it has no custom states.


The list page displays all the available projects, showing their progress level, deadline if applicable and options to view edit and mark as complete. There is also the option to create and add a new project to the list.


This is simply a Login page that takes email and password as inputs and a submit button. It has no custom states.


This page is similar to the home page but the m_home is optimized for smaller screens or mobile screens. It has no custom states.


This is page is the same as agreements_list but optimized fro the mobile display. It also has no custom states.


This is the same as the page all_survey but optimized for mobile screens and it has no custom states.


mindex is a design of the index page specifically optimized for smaller screens. It has no custom states.


This is a mobile view for the project preview. This page has no custom states.


This page also displays input forms that take details necessary for adding a project on this platform. It has no custom states.


Notifications page simply displays a list of notifications and it has no custom states.


This page displays a projects preview showing user's name, projects's version and progress in percentage. This page has no custom states.


This page is another design for the list page. It has no custom states.


This page provides options to set and change paypal.me URL, password, company logo and the profile picture. It has no custom states.


This is a simple signup page with a form that takes necessary inputs. It has no custom states.


This page also contains a form that takes input for the survey. It has no custom states.


Here, information about the terms and condition of the platform is found that includes Disclaimer, cancellation policy and so on. There are no custom states on this page.


This page views the stored surveys and it has no custom states.

Demo to preview the template