Flixly - Video Streaming like Netflix Template


Flixly - Video Streaming like Netflix is a no-code template for online platform where you can post film and shows, broadcast them and earn on subscription (like i.e Netflix, Hulu or Vudu).


  • Thematic Landing page
  • Fully mobile responsive design for all pages, with intuitive navigation
  • Subscription plans via Stripe
  • Admin page with graphs and administrator features
  • Streaming Video Content
  • Profile dashboard

Data Types


Films data type, is used to provide detailed information about a filmArtist; Cover Img; Creator; Description; Film URL; Followers; Genres; Movies; Name; Rating; Rating Number; Release Date; Time; Trailer URL.


Season data type is shows related which has fields Episode List; Name; Show.


Episode data type, is linked to shows for offering a episode based view Name; New Name; Season; Show; URL.


Genre data type will differentiate the films by genre using these fieldsImage; Name.


Movie data type is used for providing short info about movies, using these fields Artist; Name; Genre; Image.


Shows data type is used for providing information to users about shows, using the fields Artist; Creator; Cover img; Description; Episode; Followers; Genres; Movies; Name; Rating; Rating Number; Release Date; Season; Time; Trailer URL.


Subscription is the data type used for subscribing user to one of the plans and saving customer data with respective fieldsCustomer Name; ID; Price; Stripe id; Stripe Name.


Users are the platform account holders who use the platform to watch content , add to favorites. This also stores the admin's information and uses these fields First Name; Last name; Admin

Pages Overview


Landing page with features of video streaming platform and price block.


Page where located all films and shows, that sort by genre, popularity and created date. Opportunity add to favorite also tab with favorite movies and search tab if you have admin access - link to admin page. Movies have cover image title rating and short description.


Page where you can edit / create film and shows, created genres see all changes on graphics, see stripe users transaction delete users.


Page where you broadcast film or show have big cover image, movie title, description, date release, time, rating. Opportunity play maine movie or trailer. Show player have two dropdowns with seasons and episodes.


Page for user information where user can change email, first and last name, password profile image change plan of subscription, cancel subscription any time and resubscribe see all transaction, change user tied card.


Page where user can subscribe on two type of plane: basic and premium.


This is the login page where users log in into their accounts.


404 error page when no page was found.


Privacy agreement page.


About company page.

Things to Note

​🔐 Admin Rights

For security purposes, this template has limited rights for potential customers. Meaning, you will not be able to use the admin features at its fullest until you purchase the template and enable admin rights.

To enable the admin rights, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Data -> App data -> All Users tab. Select any user you want to grant the admin rights to, and click to edit that database entry:

Document image

2. Set the Admin field to yes:

Document image

Note: Remember to hit the SAVE button.

Now, you will be to access the admin page and it will not redirect to the index page, because it is not passing this on page load condition:

Document image

However, in order to use the admin panel features, it is required to set the template access.

1. Go to Data -> App data -> All Variables tab. Modify that single database entry, and set the Buy field to yes:

Document image

Note: Remember to hit the SAVE button.

Now, you will be able to edit/delete data via admin panel because it is bypassing this condition for each edit/delete button, for example:

Document image

Congrats! You have successfully granted the admin rights. Now you can use all the admin page and its features as an admin user.

Demo to preview the template