Filebox - File Sharing Template


Filebox is a file sharing no-code template that allows users to send files either via email or through a shortened URL. It also features rotating full-screen images and animations.
By default the file upload limit is 50MB per file, however it can be increased by using your own AWS, or similar storages (one of the plugins would have to be used for that)


  • Responsive design
  • Landing page
  • URL shortener
  • Rotating full-screen images and animations

Data Structure


The Arhiv data structure is a collection of file uploads by users (list of uploads).


Files are sent majorly via emails, so every user registers an email to be identified with.


Images attached to user accounts come as icon data.


Any photo shared by a user may be an image or logo, and come as a download with a description and button.


Users are able to share documents on this template. Documents shared may be a file, link or storten url.


The basic user info registered on the template is the user's email address.



This is the landing page of the template. All activities of the template happen on this page. It simply contains the logo, a HELP button and a file upload card which allows you input your email (the sender), the receiver's email, a message box, file upload icon and Transfer (send) button.After a successful transfer, the notification card also allows a new transfer for a smooth file sharing to others.

Reusable Elements


The footer contains other details about the app and social links.


The header contains two buttons: LOG IN and SIGN UP.

Signup / Login Popup

This page allows signing up using email address. It also allows for login for already registered users.

Things to Note

Shorter URLs can be gotten from a given URL for very long URLs.
Do not delete an entire data thing but you can freely select background pictures to your taste for page loading.

Demo to preview the template