Estately - Real Estate Agency Template


Estately no-code template is a great solution for real estate agencies or independent agents. Allow your customers to navigate housing units, or upload their own.Use this modern template to build and launch an MVP, and continue building or updating it as your business expands.


  • Browse and submit properties
  • Save favorite properties
  • Detailed property info page
  • Admin functionality:
  • Search by users (edit, delete, to assign admin)
  • Search by properties (edit, delete)
  • Search properties by specific parameters:-by property type-by cities and year built-by nr. of bathrooms, bedrooms and garages-by min & max size-by min & max price

Data Types


The user data table contains all essential user details required for a user account. In addition to this, fields like property, requests and favorites associated with the user are also found on the table.


Users can upload properties with information about them that includes fields like the price, size the year it was built, location and more.


Potential clients can make requests or inquiries about a particular property. Information obtained from this request is stored in the Request table under fields like client name, client email, client phone and destination.


The user can also show random quotes on the app with the name of the author.

Pages Overview

This template consists of six(6) main pages including the index page which is the landing page of the template. These pages include the following:


The index page is the template's landing page. It has both static data and dynamic data as content. Within this page you can find static information about the template and its products, a wide search element for searching with keywords, a Repeating group containing recently added properties, more featured properties and some reusable elements.


This page allows the creator easy access to manage data by providing an interface that aids a quicker creation, modification and removal of data.


This page contains a wide search feature that allows filtered search using values varying from the property type, size, the year the property was built and more. The filtered search can also be cleared to allow for a new search to be run. Below this search group, the results from the search is displayed in a Repeating group.


This is the page where the Property is created and its data is collected.


This is the page where a user is redirected to when they click on a particular property. The page also contains the overall information about the associated property and provides an interface for other users to contact the seller or make inquiry. Still within this page, users have the option to add the associated property to their favorite list and also share the property and its details to other social networks. The page's content is purely dynamic, including the note text and note's author.


This is the users profile page and its content(user's data) is displayed in three tabs:
My profile
This shows all user data.
My favorites
The list of properties the user has selected as favorites
My properties
All the properties created or added by the user.
My requests
This tab shows the list of requests a user receives about a property.

Demo to preview the template