Doors - The Property Page Builder Template


Doors is a template based on a property page builder website - it allows anyone to create a personal page for their property, upload video and images as well as detailed description, location and whatsapp contact number so that users can easily contact the page owner. The template allows generating short memorable URLs for each property so that the property owners could share them in online ads, social networks etc.


  • Property page builder
  • Short memorable links for each property
  • Maps integration
  • Unique ID links
  • Whatsapp contact button
  • Admin Panel
  • Fully mobile responsive design.

Data Structures


The User type on this platform contains fields like: FirstName, LastName, AccessRights, AdditionalInfo, Listing, ProfilePicture, SignupMethod, UserBio, UserComment, UserEmailText, ValidEmail, SignedUp, Admin.


The Photo's data include: img, index, listing.LogsThe Logs's data include: Action.


The Listing's data include: Complete, AboutNeighborhood, AmenitiesList, City, CountBathrooms, CountBedrooms, CountOfBeds, CountOfGuests, Country, ForSomeone, KindListing, Location, MobileNumber, MoreAboutSpace, NamePlace, OptionalApt, Photo, PlaceDescribe, PropertyType, User, State, UniqueName, YoutubeLink, ZIPCode.


The FAQ's data include: image, index, key, type, value.


The Comment's data include: approved, BodyText, CommentCreatorAvatar, CommentTitle, CreatorJobPosition, CreatorName.


The Amenity's data include: body, image.


The Airbnb's data include: AirbnbLink, email

Buy template

After buying make some function available:Y/N



The landing page of this template with blocks: how it works, comments, FAQ and CTA.Custom states:


Page where user create listing fills/edit fields about his housing and add photos.


User’s completed page with a detailed description of the housing, which everyone can view.


Page where collected all users listing.


Admin page where you can manage all listings. See the ratio of users and listings on the dashboard, see all users add or change FAQ.


Terms and Conditions of the web site.


404 error page.


Signup login page.


Page where user can edit information about himself and change password of him account.

Things to Note

Admin Rights

For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features until you buy this template and enable the editing features.
1. Go to Data -> App data -> All Users and select the account you want to grant the admin rights to. Click to edit the user info, and type in the admin word for the AccessRights field:
Image without caption
Note: Remember to hit the SAVE button.
Now, you will be able to access the admin panel. But in order to enable the admin features, it is required to set one more field.
2. Go to Data -> App data -> Buy templates and edit the record. Set the Y/N field to yes:
Image without caption
Note: Remember to hit the SAVE button.
Congrats: You have successfully granted the admin rights. Now you can use all the admin page and its features as an admin user.

Demo to preview the template