Diggy - News Aggregator Like Digg Template


Diggy is a fully responsive, no-code template enabling blog and news aggregator apps similar to digg.com. Create video or text articles, upvote content and browse categories.


  • Responsive design
  • Upvoting system
  • Categories
  • Blog with Text and Video Posts

Data Structures


The user data type contains two fields, the user's Name and their Profile Image.

Blog Post

Blog posts can be made on this platform, details about these posts are housed within this data type's table. The fields in this table include Body of the post, a Header Image, a Heading, additional Images, Likes received from other users, Published ( takes the value of either yes or no), a Summary and the Topic the post falls under.

Video Post

Just the Blog Post, this data type contains fields like Body, Heading, Likes, Published, Summary, Video URL and the Topic.



The index is the landing page for this template, it provides options for user account creation and user login. In addition to this, the page features a list of Latest Posts and the Popular Posts. These posts can also receive upvotes and likes.


This page takes the necessary inputs for a post. It also displays already published posts with the option to edit, unpublish and delete.


Just like the name suggests, this page simply displays a form that takes the inputs for a video posts.


When a news category is selected from the predefined list, the video posts are filtered and displayed on this page.


This page is displayed when a particular Video post is clicked. This page then shows the full content and provides options to share the associated posts on your social media accounts.


The article page is viewed when a particular Blog post is clicked. Then the full content is displayed and there is the option to share the associated posts on social media accounts.


This page is similar to the edit_video_article page but takes input for blog posts and not video posts.


This simple page displays blog posts in a Repeating group element.


On this page, you can find the popular (could be most viewed, liked or posts with highest number of upvotes) posts.


This page views all the video posts on the platform and in addition, it features some of the latest posts as well.

Demo to preview the template