Dealerly - Autodealer Template


Dealerly is a no-code template for car dealership companies that sell cars, bikes and other vehicles. It has a landing page with several sections, including reviews and social proof. To showcase all available vehicles use a vehicle page with product filtering options that will help users to make a selection.
Dealerly template also has a blog section, price calculator in case of financing and allows subscription to newsletters. Through an intuitive navigation this pre-made template has everything to engage users.
Moreover, this template can be customized for other use cases, for instance: lawn mowers store, heavy machinery distributor etc.


  • Listings search with filters
  • Fully responsive template
  • Newsletter subscription to Mailchimp
  • Micro blog/article page
  • Full item page with price calculation

Data Structure


This contains data types such as article name, author, published date, article details and featured picture. This is where the articles published on the template are stored.


This contains all the car brand names listed on the template; data fields include brand name and brand logo


This contain car types from sedan to suv to trucks, etc. the data fields include category name and category image


This contain the status of the cars either new or used ones; each car is categorised by the status

Fuel type

This contains the fuel type of each car; from petrol to diesel etc. the field in this data type include type.


This contains pictures/images of cars on the template


This contains the transmission of the cars from automatic to semi automatic to manual; each car selects a transmission type from the transmission data type.


This data type include field like liked-cars which basically contains list of cars liked or bookmarked by the user; it also serves as a temporary cart for users


This data type includes all the information about each car; from the brand to the model, the external colour, the condition, the internal colour, the mileage, the engine, the transmission, the category, the drive train, the photos of the car, the registration date (for used cars), the year of production, the car type and the fuel type.



This is the homepage of the template; a automatic sliding hero section, a search form to find specific car is next; also contains a featured car section( this contains a repeating group of different cars on the template), an intro on how to purchase a car on the templateIt also contains a browse by brand and browse by type section where users can select a car/cars based on the brand name or on the type. There is also a service section to showcase other services of the car template, a testimonial section and of course the footer


This covers info about the company; its vision and mission, the team members and gallery of pictures on the template


This inventory page is where the full listing of the cars are; it can be displayed in two different views; either grid or layout. There is also a sort filter; to sort by date, sort by price;from lowest to highest or vice versa. It can also be sorted by mileage; from lowest to highest or vice-versa.
There is also a collapsible filter section to filter by brand, model and year and lso by condition(new or used). Each of the cars listed contains some data about them from the year to the condition to the name and model; it also contains info such as mileage, fuel type, transmission and price. A click on any of the cars navigates user to the inventory-item page that contains full info of the cars


This page contains full details about each car from the specification to the pictures and to the price; a contact/request form is also incorporated for buyers to send to the company asking about a car or purchasing one; a manual picker of pictures is also added to the see the different pictures; exterior and interior.
A price calculation is also added that does the math of calculating how much down payment can be paid, interest to be added and the grand total price of the car being selected. You can also find related cars underneath the inventory item.
Blog (Articles)This page contains full list of the blog posts on the template; the posts are loaded from the data type called "article". Each article listed has a picture, a published date, an author and some details of the article. A click on any article navigates the user to the article individual dynamically fetches the article from the data type called new from the database and displays it in a repeating group. new articles can be added from the dashboard or from the database.


This is the page that displays each individual article, all contents are fetched from the database through the data type called new. it also contains a list of other articles that can be found in the template. You can also alter the articles and add new ones from the dashboard.


This page’s name speaks for itself. It is the page where your clients will get in touch with you or were they could find details about your company’s location.


This page contains list of cars liked by users.


This page is an admin dashboard that is used in making changes to the database. Custom states are used for navigation here. In the dashboard, you can edit the articles and add news ones, edit the car listings and add new ones, and add site information too.

Specific References


Navigation is straightforward on all pages, except for the dashboard and inventory page which have some AJAX partial loading navigation

Newsletter Subscription

Subscription to newsletters are enabled via mailchimp. go to, create an account and get the the api key and add to the plugin. Each subscriber is added to the mail list on mail chimp and newsletters can be sent in bulk to the subscribers.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard uses restriction as security measure for Delete and Edit /Add new actions such as cars, blog or pictures in the dashboard unless they are logged in as the admin. For demo version of template , demo login is set with a no condition for user admin rights, so it can not delete or edit.
To enable editing and deleting features, please find the edit and delete elements for respective buttons and remove the conditions as shown in image.
Image without caption
Image without caption
For Buttons New Car, New Article and New Image there are conditions in place as security measure which prevent adding content in template, in order to remove the condition find these elements in the Conditional Tab remove conditions as shown below:
Image without caption

Demo to preview the template