CRMy - CRM & Sales Template

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CRMy no-code template is a beautiful and powerful no-code CRM tool for easy-to-use management of your clients, leads, deals and sales pipelines.


  • Dashboard

  • Drag & Drop Features

  • Adding and tracking deals

  • Adding and managing sales pipelines

  • Client management

  • Adding and managing teams

Data Structures


Creating a user account on this platform would require the user to provide certain details. This details are found in within the User data type's fields and they include the user's First Name, Last Name, Image, Company Name, Team (takes a List of Users as value), Colleagues (also takes a List of Users), Client (takes either yes or no as value) and demo (takes the value of either of yes or no and is true only when the user is logged in on the demo).


Users can always add and manage clients on this platform and the Client data type handles the data in the process. Within this Client table, we have fields that include the client's Business, Business Address, Contacted (takes a value of either yes or no, and is True when client is contacted), Email, Emails Sent, Image, Name, Surname, Tag (takes a List of Tags as its value), Team Access (takes a List of Users as its value), Telephone and the Timezone.


Client deals can be monitored from this dashboard. Every detail about deals are stored within this data type. It has fields that include the associated Client Owner ( takes the client as its value), Closed ( takes either yes or no and is True when deal is closed), Closed Date (takes date as value), Deal Description, Deal Name, Funnel ( takes Funnel name as its value), Image, Stage ( takes the Funnel Stage as value), Team Access ( holds a List of Users), Value (deals worth) and Won( value is either yes or no).


The Email data type holds correspondences between users and their clients. It has fields that include the Body of the message, Follow Up (this field takes yes or no as its value), Response (also takes yes or no as value), Subject of the message, Team Access, Toand Tracked Email.


This data type only take two fields; the Name and the Team Access ( List of Users).

Funnel Stage

Within this data type, we have the associated Funnel Owner, the ID, Stage Name and the Team Access (List of Users) as fields.


The member data type holds the Team and the User associated with the team.



This is the landing page for this template and it is designed to display all the content on this single page. It has a vertical Tab view with tab items that changes the overall current active view. Also, within this page, clients can be created, teams added, deals monitored and every other featured operations on this platform.

Custom States

The index page has no custom states.


This is simple page for password reset. It provides an input form for the user's email address and a button to reset the associated password.

Custom States

It has no custom state.

Things to Note

index page

For this page the template workflow has Scheduler for making changes to user through API workflow on the backend to <addusertoteam> endpoint.

This action is available to users with a paid Bubble plan. Activate the API in the API section in the Settings Tab. More details:

Demo to preview the template