Cleanly - Cleaning Services Template


It's a perfect template to build websites for companies that provide house cleaning and maid services. Don't worry about customization, itโ€™s easy to do even if you don't have coding skills. Template documentation should help you understand the template structure and features.
Cleanly is a fully functional and responsive no-code template that allows to run and automate a cleaning services business. It has a modern look with cute unique illustrations.
This web app template features service booking functionality with online payments. It also has an attractive landing page, FAQ page, and an admin dashboard to handle bookings, messages from users, etc.


  • Stripe integration for accepting card payments from users
  • Job application form for cleaners
  • Contact page
  • FAQs page
  • Admin Dashboard to handle bookings, quotes, cleaner applications, and contact messages made by customers
  • Responsive Design
โš ๏ธ
Payments: See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Data Structure


This data type contains the price and time(hours) for every bathroom type.


This data type contains all the booking information a customer would provide when the customer requests a home cleaning service. The varies from the cleaning type, duration, time and date, to personal customer information.


This data type contains information on all cleaner job applicants who might want to be cleaners for your cleaning service.


This data type contains the price and time(hours) for every cleaning type. An example of cleaning type is Standard , Standard+ or Deep.


This data type contains frequently asked questions about your cleaning service company.


This data type contains contact messages potential customers might have for your company. It contains name, email and message fields.


This data type contains information gotten from the moving page. Information here is used to get a moving quote for the customer.


This data type contains information gotten from the officequote page. Information in this data type helps to construct an office cleaning quote.


This data type contains the price and time(hours) for every room type.


This data type contains information on the current admin of your cleaning service company.


This data type contains records of the amount of cleaning visits per booking.โ€‹



This is the landing page of the Professional Cleaning Services Template. It gives an overview of your business pointing out the step-by-step procedure as to how your business handles its cleaning. It also has links on the page to point the potential customer to other pages.


This page tells your customers about your business and why they should trust you, especially with their cleaning.


This page showcases all the services you render when potential customers contract you to handle their office cleaning. It also beckons the potential customer to the office quote page.


This page displays a form to help potential customers fill and enable you give them an accurate quote that will contain the priced estimate of how you can help them move.


This page displays a form to help potential cleaners fill to help you know if they are worth hiring or not.


This page displays the contact information of your business. Address, Email, and Phone Numbers are among the information on this page. It also has a map to direct potential customers to the exact location. It also has a form that users can fill out to get in touch with you.


This page displays frequently asked questions and answers potential customers might be interested in.


This page enables your customers to book a home cleaning service and even pay for it using stripe. Each room, bathroom, or cleaning type has a fixed price which can be modified in the integrated database. The total fee can either be paid online or later. The booking details are then stored in the database and can be retrieved in the dashboard.


The dashboard on this template helps to view booking details, messages, moving and office quote information.โ€‹

Things to Note

Admin Rights

The dashboard page has a state called Purchased.
This state is responsible for preventing edits and deletes which can be handled on the Dashboard page. On purchase of this web application template, you might wish to make edits and deletes on the dashboard.
This could be done by changing the current default value of the dashboard page state "0" to a different number, for example, "1" on the editor view of the dashboard page.
By doing this you will be able to make edits and deletes.
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Also, after the template purchase you may want to get rid of the red alert message. Simply find the 'Group wrapper" on the dashboard page and delete it.
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Setting up Stripe Payment

This template uses stripe to process payment for booking on the professional cleaning services template.
Stripe Setup:
Go to stripe.com, create an account. You will be allowed to access your dashboard once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account.
Retrieve 3 keys from the Stripe dashboard. They can be found on the Developers page or the Account(Settings) page. Those 3 keys are:
  1. Publishable Key (Starts with a 'pk' and is found in the developers page).
  1. Secret Key (Starts with an 'sk' and is found in the developers page)
  1. Client ID (Starts with a 'ca' and is found in the developers page)
Replace the copied API keys with the already existing API keys in the Stripe and Stripe.js plugin.

Demo to preview the template