Classify - Classified Ads Like Craigslist Template


Classify is a responsive no-code template which replicates the functionality of Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo and Dubizzle.
It is a classified ads board which comes with handy features like geolocation, Bubble-embedded functionality, pictorial display of goods to be sold, and a filter to aid product search.
If you need to connect buyers and sellers, build your app without code on this template to enable transparent and low-friction transactions right away.


  • Responsive design
  • Bubble-embedded functionality
  • Usage of Google Maps
  • Pictorial display of goods to be sold
  • Ads Filter to aid product search
  • Feature rich Admin Panel

Data Structure

The Custom Data types for this template are:


All items for sale are grouped in categories. This aids navigation and search.


Users can share comments on products. This carries a Content and Item.


This bears the Address, Age, Bedroom, Body Color, Category, Description, HP, Images, Item, Job Type, Km, Location, Make, Model, Name, Phone, Size, Sub-Category, Usage, Used, Year.


The data for job items include Item and Job Type.


Motor items bear the following data: Body Color, HP, item, Kilometers, Make, Model, Used, Year


Properties bear Bedroom, Item, Size


Data fields recorded here are: Age, Item, Usage


All ads placed on the app carry a location to aid buyers find ads close to them.


Each category is sub-divided and also carry these data: Name, OnStartPage(Trending), Root-Category


The user's data include First Name, Last Name, City, Country, Image, Phone, Street, Admin.



The page is introduced by a Google Map with search buttons to aid filtered results - Item, Location and Keyword. The index page also features Trending sub-categories (these icons are also contained on the Header), Latest Ads and Most Popular Categories.


Navigation in the dashboard makes use of custom states.


A user is able to edit details of an item on this page. This includes the price, pictures, location and brief description of the item.


This page is accessed through the 'Submit Ad' link. Navigation makes use of custom states.


The backup search results page is simply a replica of the search results page.


This page gives all details of the item. Item images are processed with Imgix for delivery of high-value images and functional page. This page also contains sellers details and comments registered by other users on the particular item.StateNoteElementmodethis is used to login or sign upSignup / Login Popup A


The index copy is the main page with a different design on Trending on Classify (trending sub-categories).


This page gives the filtered results from the search box. Results showcased can further be sorted to suit the user.


This page contains starting tools for managing the app. Like viewing the list of users, items, categories and subcategories, delete the users and items, add categories and subcategories; view graph statistics of users, items, categories and subcategories sorted by month and year. The page maintains overall design of template.

Reusable Elements


The footer contains Social links, Cities, Support links and brief description of Classify.

Mobile Menu

The site has been made responsive to accommodate other devices. The mobile menu has been designed for mobile devices.

Top Navigation

This contains links to the various categories.


The Header contains the Top Navigation, icons of the Trending sub-categories, Classify logo, and the logged in user's profile photo.

Signin / Login Popup

Every user (buyer/seller) goes through the simple signup page. Upon signing up, one can submit an ad or search for a product to buy.

Things to Note

Admin page: For security purposes the template has limited rights for potential customers. What that means is that you will not be able to use the admin features at full until you will not buy this template and enable the editing features (delete or edit).
If you already bought the template you can enable the additional feature by following the steps below:
Under Data tab in the Editor, you could find the Data Type USER which has Admin field with Yes/No condition for when Yes is set the Admin rights are enabled and user can edit and delete from Admin page, however if No is set the Admin rights are disabled for user.
Image without caption
The workflow which shows different pop-up information regarding the security measure for when an Admin is Yes or No
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Demo to preview the template