Biographly - Personal Page Builder Template


Biographly - Personal Page Builder Template is a no-code template which makes it possible to create your own clean custom page.
You can add as many links as you like and even change the color scheme, all for free. If you want to customize and do a whole lot of other stuff with your page you can choose to upgrade to a Pro plan.


  • Personal Page Name
  • Fully responsive pages
  • User dashboard
  • Stripe Subscription Payments
  • Analytics per Link for Pro members
  • Collect Subscribers for Pro members
  • Social Network links

Data Structures


This section contains data such as Customer ID, list of bio's, Business Name, Is company? yes or no, last edit mode, Name, Post/zipcode, ref, type, username to claimand VAT BTW.

Update Subscriber

This section contains data such as email.

Svg icons

This section contains data such as Name text, svg code, URL and Words.

Support thing

This section contains data such as bio, Email, report bio, Status, Subject and User.


This section contains data such as Icon, Name, Pro, SVG CODE and Words.


This section contains data such as bio, count number, Platform, ref and Screen width number.


This section contains data such as # Invoice ID - MB, # Payment ID - MB, Bio bio, Fetch, Invoice ID - MB 2 number, Payment ID - MB 2 number, Subscription id and test invoice.New TestThis section contains data such as test me.MikeThis section contains data such as guns, and you user.


This section contains data such as bio, button, Email and Text.

Link click

This section contains data such as Button, Count number, Platform, ref and Screen width number.

Deleted bio's

This section contains data such as Avatar image, button count number, count number, link clicks number, page views number, tried pro and username.


This section contains data such as Accent color, Background color, Bio, Contact Email placeholder, Contact message placeholder, Description text, Email to receive contact, Kind, list of Link clicks, Main colorcode, Name, Placeholder email sub, send button text, Sort Number number, Special button type, Special color?, Status, Subscribe button text, svg icon, Thumbnail image and URL.Blocked UsernamesThis section contains data such as username text.Blocked SubscriberThis section contains data such as Bio, Button and Email.BioThis section contains data such as 1 social link, 1st social icon, 2 social link, 2nd social icon, 3 social link, 3rd social icon, Accent Color, Avatar image, Background Color, Background image image, Background style, became pro, Bio text, Buttons list of Buttons, Color scheme, Corner style, end trial send, Facebook pixel, Favicon image, Fill, get stats report, Google analytics code, Link clicks lists of Link clicks, Main Color, Messages list of Messages, old ac, old bc, old mn, Old pattern, Orders list of Orders, owners list of users, Page title, Page views list of Page views, Pattern, Pro, show enter bio branding, Subscribers list of Bio Subscribers, Subscription ID, SVG Pattern background, Tried PRO and Username.



This is the home page of the template.This is for connecting your link in bio to multiple links.


The analytics page for managing data.

blog create multiple customs urls

This page allows the users to create multiple custom urls. If you have you’re a pro member you can click on your avatar on the top left to add another link. After you added another link you can easily switch between your Url’s so you can easily see the analytics or subscriber count for your accounts. This makes managing multiple social bio links very easy.

blog connect with revue

On this page you can automatically collect email subscribers by adding a subscribe button to your Biographly page. If you connect your page with Revue we automatically send your subscribers to your subscriber list inside Revue.

blog create multiple custom URLs

On this page you create multiple custom urls on Biographly.

blog why collect emails

On this page you get to start collecting subscribers with your own biographly account.


This is the login section for this template. It allows users to sign in into their accounts and access the website. It pops out the login form and requests for nickname, email and password to login.


Shows biographly links and dates created.


This shows the subscription plan page of the template.


This is the page for users settings.


This page is to show the users followers.


Help/support page for users.


Terms and Conditions page of use for users.

Things to Note

Database things: Most of the template content were directly pulled from the template database. Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template, preferably from the admin dashboard.

Demo to preview the template