Appstart - App Backend Landing Template


Appstart is a no-code backend template that comes with preconfigured API endpoints to enable your app to manage everything you need - login/signup users, charge their credit cards, upload and reference files, send emails & text message and much more! It also comes with a dashboard that you or your teammates can use to manage your app. And as a bonus you get an amazing landing page to showcase your apps.


  • Landing page
  • Admin dashboard
  • Pre-configured API Endpoints

Data Structure


This contains list of users.


This sections contains data such as users_from, list of stripe transactions, stripe_subscribers, sms, profile_photo_url, profile_photo_img, phone_mobile, phone_home, gender, full_name, full_address, list of file_storage, list of emails, email_, stripe sellers business, birthday and whether the user is an Admin or not.


This contains data such as order_description, currency, charge_id, application_fee, amount_charged and if Captured.


This contains data such as tax_percent, subscription_id, stripe_plan_name, status, quantity, list of Stripe Subscription Items, end_of_the_trial date, and creation_date.


This contains data such as product_description, product_category, business_url, business_name, business_email, and business_address.


This contains data such as status, sessage, senderphonenumber, recipient and price.


This contains data such as file and filename.


This contains data such as customer and feedback_text.


This contains data such as to, support, subject, sender_name, pictures, cc, body and bc.


This contains data such as list of sub_category, list of doc search, list of doc_language_type and list of doc category.


This contains data such as title, list of requests, list of parameters, order number, list of doc notes, doc_language, description, category.


This shows the search field.


This shows the request fields and order number.


This shows the order number, name and description.


This shows the type, order number, name and description.


This contains data such as note_2, note_1, name, doc_sub_category, doc_language_type, doc_category, and description.


This contains data such as Title, list of sub_category, list of requests, list of parameters, order number, note, description, doc_language, to hide or not.


This contains data such as order number, name, menu and to hide or not.


This contains data such as list of dashboard's submenu, order number, name, image, icon, to hide or not to and description.


This contains data such as source, position, phone, full_name, email, customer_img and age.


This contains data such as name_contact_us, message_contact_us, and email_address_contact_us.


This shows the chatroom's name.


This contains data such as send_img, profile_Img, message, file_attachment and chatroom.



This is the first you'll encounter in this template, you'll get to see what the website stands for from here. At first you'll see a short overview about how it works, creating sub tasks, sharing and collaborating and also getting notifications, there's a short video beneath it explaining how it works in a visual format.
After that are listed the amazing features that'll boost your productivity such as being able to sync all your devices, having thoroughly secured protocols, and tracking your time. Customers comments, and users can subscribe to the newsletter, with the contact us form at the end of the page.
Custom StateNoteElement Namegroupgroups the feature list of the appfeature_listapp_screenTo load app screenshot on page loadapp screenshot


This is like the admin page for the website, it keeps track of all the activity on the website. It shows the number of visits to the website, the amount of transactions that has occurred, the number of users, sent emails, sms and files.It also shows the customer analytics in a pie chart format. Under this page are the following pages:


This page is the where all the transactions happening on the website is recorded. It shows the total transactions, total charged USD, total charged EUR, total charged CAD. It also shows the details of each transaction like the date, amount, fee percentage, description and email.


This page shows all the users all on the website with all their details such as email, full name, gender, birthday, mobile phone number, home phone number and full address.


This page shows all the emails that has been sent on the website regarding all transactions.


This page shows all the sms that has been sent on the website regarding all transactions.


This pages shows all the files/images on the website with the respective emails that sent them.Custom StateNoteElement Namemenu​dashboardbodyTo pop up message for new userPopup MessageclickedTo add new userButton Add usersubmenuTo show submenu tabGroup menu deskclick​Group menu deskvalueTo set value of group USERS, TRANSACTIONS etc.Group TRANSACTIONS


This page shows the documentation for the website covering every technical aspect of the website.Custom StateNoteElement NameclickedTo view notesButton VIEW NOTESNoteTo add notesButton ADD NOTEemptyTo save doc_language's noteButton SAVE Description Languagedev​Image Logotab​Image LogocategoryTo display menu categoryText Menu CategorysubCategoryTo display menu sub categoryText Menu Category


This is the log in section for this template. It allows already registered users access to the website. It pops out the log in form and requests for email and password to log in. In case any user forgets password there's a password recovery section for that.


This page displays your cover photo, display photo, full name, posts, tasks, comments, your account details, setup guide, etc.Custom StateNoteElement Nameis expandedexpand form to set up accountGroup Accordion HeadingmenuTo open menu pagesprofile, Group Menu Item 2


This is the sign up section for this template. It allows new users to create new accounts and access to the website. It pops out the sign up form and requests for nickname, email and password to sign up.

Specific Reference

To setup your stripe account, go to, create an account. You will be allowed to access your dashboard once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account.
Click on Developers and then, API keys. Copy your API keys. Ensure to use a live API key when your template goes live.
Paste the API keys in the stripe connector calling the plugin.

Things to Note

Database things: Most of the template content were directly pulled from the template database. Please do not delete an entire data thing unless you are sure of what you are doing. However, feel free to delete template content used in building this template, preferably from the admin dashboard.

Demo to preview the template