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Productly is a no-code template that you can use to distribute your apps or other digital products along with a selection of additional components/features. This template is built without code on the Bubble platform.

You can use the Productly template as a digital storefront for your apps or other digital products and let your users select and buy any required add-ons, features or components.

The payments functionality is handled via Stripe payment gateway.

The template has a dashboard where you can see/manage all the registered users, their orders, manage components/add-ons, add their description, prices as well as their visibility.


  • Product and add/ons checkout

  • Admin panel to manage users, add-ons etc

  • Stripe payments

  • Responsive design

  • User Profile Page

Data structure

Data types


Add-on Modules

Add-on modules store information about the feature that you sell.

Application Development

This is used for setting a standard app development price, which you can dynamically use within your app.

Native Obj

Native obj contains all the information regarding a purchase made by the user.


This holds user testimonials at About us page.


This registers the transaction details of a purchase a user makes.


This thing contains user-related info.


This is used to store content that you display in Gallery section at index page.

Option sets

Data types



This field is used to determine user roles access in the app. For example, there is a demo user designed for demo purposes, and there's admin role having unlimited access.


This field is used for sorting a list from within the repeating group using sorting option set.

Database - Within the app in the Data tab, you can see the description for every field within every data type if you click the chat icon on the right of every data field.

States - In the page window, if you click the dialogue window, you will notice elements names with the states attached to them.



This is the main page for the template. It provides important information about the features the template has. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of modules that can be offered. Here user can select a digital product and add some components.


Our admin page has four tabs.

Overview tab

It shows general information about template activity: how many users are registered in the app, the number of orders made, and the number of add-ons available.

Users tab

It displays general information about the users. You can manage a user's personal information: edit their first and last name, and email. You can delete users as well.

Add-ons tab

Here you will see all the add-ons available on the platform. You have the ability to add, edit or delete the add-on. In case you have a big variety of add-ons you can use the search bar in the top to find it faster. Here you can as well set the visibility of the add-on- make it rather visible or invisible.

Orders tab

Here you can observe order-related information such as order id, total, and the list of items ordered.


This page is created to provide information about your app. You can advertise clients you worked with, you can show reviews that users left after purchasing your product, showcase the team that works behind the curtains.


This page contains privacy and policy rules that you establish for your customers in order for them to be protected.


This page contains terms that you establish, in order to protect your business.


Reset password is a page that a user gets redirected to after a link for resetting a password is sent to his email.


This is the page a user lands on if he tries to access a page or path that doesn't exist within the app.

Reusable elements description


This element is used only on page admin and was created as a reusable to use it within a repeating group. There are difficulties while creating such kind of secondary menus inside a repeating group, the biggest trick here is to attach the group focus to an element from within the repeating group. Since that is not possible using traditional methods, you have to trick bubble and create a reusable with all the necessary components inside and then just place it in the repeating group.


The footer element has links to template documentation and about us page. You have links to terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy. It contains links to social media pages.


Header reusable contains buttons for both logged in and guest users. It has a user menu to navigate or log out of the application. You can sign in to the app using the "Sign in" button.

Things to note


‌This template comes with explicit notes for Database fields, Workflow Folders, States, etc which will guide you through the modification process.

Database notes

Stripe payments

This app uses Stripe as payment gateway. To set them up all you have to do is change the keys for development and live version from within the Plugins tab for each payment system.

If you have any specific workflows that you want to add, please see the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Demo to preview the template