This plugin is designed for creating P2P NFT trading features.
Using this, users can sell their NFT to other users in exchange for crypto tokens.
In order to test this plugin you need 2 Metamask wallets.

Test case

Chain - Ethereum
Wallet number 1 [maker]
Will have:
  • NFT - [ ERC721 or ERC1155 ]
  • Ethereum token ~ 0.025 ETH [to pay for gas]
Wallet number 2 [taker]
Will have:
  • USDC coin [ > 1 USDC] [to pay for the trade] -
    • !!! - very important, the input for the token (price of the trade) needs to be in decimal format, for USDC it's 6 decimals,
      which means that if we want to set the price as 1 USDC β†’ we write 1000000
  • Ethereum token ~ 0.025 ETH [to pay for gas]

Below is a representation of the trade process

Wallet number 1 [the maker] will provide the needed information to create an order
Wallet number 2 [the taker] will get the signature and sign it
Image without caption