Expose RSS Feeds from Bubble App Plugin


An RSS feed is an easy way for sites to share headlines and stories so that you can read them without having to visit two dozen different web pages everyday. RSS Plugin offers you the possibility of generating an RSS feed from your app or add any RSS feed to you app by simply getting the link from any feed online and placing it in the app.


To set up and generate rss feeds from your Bubble web application. Another ability is to add an rss feed inside your Bubble web application which will be like live bookmarks, field with content.

How to setup

I. Setting up and using the plugin to generate feed from Bubble data

Step 1. Set up the datafields and expose the data API

This step consists of filing the database fields with required information and exposing the data API.
Note: (Strict RSS Fields which must be created as per example due to RSS structure)
You may create another data type however the fields should remain in same structure which must be exposed.
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Step 2. Generate RSS

This workflow step consists of configuration and generation of the RSS Data from application. Here we have the RSS DATA from DB and the URL link of your Data created in Step 1. Description is set by the user (RSS Title, RSS Description, RSS Language and RSS Generator)
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Step 3. Create workflow

This workflow step uses generated RSS which returns a result in text form, this form can be saved via a set state and will be used later.
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Step 4. Create workflow for downloadable file

This workflow step creates the downloadable RSS file after it was generated via step 1. of workflow.
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Step 5. Generate the RSS feed

The Result of Generated RSS from Bubble Data which can be downloaded RSS to File for future use and setup from step 2.
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II. Adding rss feed inside the root application

Step 6. Add the .rss feed file inside the application root

Setting up the RSS into your Bubble Application by uploading the downloaded RSS file into Settings/SEO.
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Step 7. The created RSS result should be available at the respective address

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Done. Result of RSS to preview

Plugin Element Proprieties

The plugin contains RSSfeed visual element which should be used on page.
Proprieties fields:
  • Feed url: provide a rss feed url (ex. rss.xml -
  • Limit: limit to display quantity of the feeds
  • Date Locale: language used for local feeds
  • Height Mode: Enable scrollable height, or leave it auto expand by changing the style mode
  • Effect: Enable types of effects, to show, slide or slidefast
  • Layout Template: Create layout of template using <>tags</>
  • Entry Template: default type of template
  • SSL: Secure Sockets Layer
  • Hide Element?: used for Data only mode of type yes/no
  • Offset Start: Offset value

Element Actions

Get RSS a RSS Feed - action to read a feed value via from element

Element Events

A RSS Feed error - event when an error is triggered A RSS Feed data - event triggered when data is available

Plugin Actions

Generate RSS - action which generates RSS feed from db, using the defined structure RSS to file - action to be used for downloading the generated RSS to file (.xml)

Workflow example

  1. 1.
    After plugin was installed, place the RSS Feed element on page and add a feed url to plugin
2. On a event let's say a button is clicked add Get RSS RssFeed action by providing the plugin element and the feed url
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3. Add an action to save the value of feeds into a state the value of the RSS content
4. Display the result content inside Repeating Group (All action data will be returned in the element's states, you can access them as follows in repeating group)
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5. Done.


Update: 02/11/2020 –
  • Improvement on plugin Action Get RSS data and fixed action Generate RSS from Bubble Data

Demo to preview the settings

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