CloudSponge Contact Picker Plugin


CloudSponge Contact Picker Plugin - offers seamless integration and possibility to import major address books contacts into your application.


You must have an account with CloudSponge to interact with the plugin. Create you development account here.

Plugin setup

  1. 1.
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    Sign in with your account or create a new one.
3. Create an App to get access to your CloudSponge app KEY
4. Get your Cloudsponge KEY in credentials tab.
5. Set the OAuth credentials from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft accounts; Add the the proxy URL for Google Contacts in the CloudSponge dashboard.
6. Insert CloudSponge key in Bubble plugin settings.

You're all set!

7. Place the Oauth Element on page for authorization process , use it as textarea for your contacts or make it 0x0 pixels to just authorize.

Plugin Element

Plugin Visual Element

The plugin contains 3 visual element which should be used on page.

CSOauth Element

This element is a Oauth / Textarea for authorization and it has a textarea to display the chosen contacts.

CS Services Element

The element is used to open one service chosen by user and display the name of the service .

CS Multiservice Element

The element is used to open the widget screen where a user chooses which type of service to get the contacts.

Plugin Actions

  • Getinfo - action is used to retrieve the contact data in state form from CSOauth element

Plugin States

  • CSOauth Contact - state which returns contact value of the CSOauth element.

Demo to preview the settings:

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