Modular Text & Docs Editor Plugin


The next generation block styled editor. This plugin's workspace consists of separate Blocks: paragraphs, headings, images, lists, quotes, etc. Classic WYSIWYG-editors produce raw HTML-markup with both content data and content appearance. On the contrary, this plugin outputs JSON object with data of each Block.
Key features:
  • block-styled editor
  • clean data output in JSON (Note: Data source of the plugin element should be in a JSON format only)
  • easy to use
Allows to add link previews to your articles.

Image Tool

Works only with pasted image URLs.
You can add a border, stretch to full width and add a title to it.

Quote Tool

Provides Quote Blocks, select text and click on the quote icon. You can add quote author name in plugin settings or directly on the page.
You can choose alignment for the quote. It takes no effect while editing, but saved the «alignment» param.

Header Tool

List Tool

This Tool for the Editor.js allows you to add ordered or unordered (bulleted) lists to your article.

Marker Tool

Warning Tool

Provides Warning Block. Block has title and message with a warning icon.It can be used, for example, for editorials notifications or appeals.

Embed Tool

Tool uses Editor.js pasted patterns handling and inserts iframe with embedded content. Supporting services: youtube, coub, imgur, gfycat, twitch-video, twitch-channel, vimeo, yandex-music-track, yandex-music-album, yandex-music-playlist

Raw HTML Tool for Editor.js

Raw Tool for the Editor.js allows to include raw HTML code in your articles.

Checklist Tool for Editor.js

This Tool for the Editor.js allows you to add checklists to your texts.

Delimiter Tool for Editor.js

Adds a simple delimiter.

Table tool

Simple click on + icon to add a row or a column.

InlineCode highlight

Inline Tool for marking code-fragments

Enable Read Only? (New)

Checkbox for enable/disable read-only mode for all your Blocks

How to setup

  1. 1.
    Install plugin from bubble editor plugins tab
2. Place plugin element on page to get access to plugin actions, events and plugin element proprieties
3. Set the element proprieties as needed
4. Add events or actions in workflow for your scenario. Done!

Plugin Element Proprieties

This plugin has one visual element Editorjs which should be used on page .

Element Actions

  1. 1.
    Save Changes
Save last changes.
2. Set Caret Position
Action provides with methods to work with Caret built-in class. You can choose one of three positions - Focus At the beginning At the end
3. Refresh
Clear Editor's content and push new content.
4. Clear
Clear Editor's content. Method removes all Blocks and inserts new initial empty Block
5. Read Only Mode (NEW)
Enable / disable read-only mode. If checked, all your blocks will be read-only and you won't be able to make any changes to it.

Element Events

  1. 1.
    A Editorjs Error - when an editor error happens event
  2. 2.
    A Editorjs Content is changed - event to handle when content is changed
  3. 3.
    A Editorjs Content is ready - event to handle the content when is ready

Workflow example

As an example we will use Set carret action on button click to use this feature by focusing the editor.
  1. 1.
    Place the plugin element on page and a button
2. Go to workflow tab , add an event when the button is clicked to set focus on editor
3. Done! Now when clicking on button it will focus on editor


Update: 05/11/2020 –
  • Added new element property and action "Read-only mode"

Demo to preview the settings

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