Headstart Lite | Free version of Headstart Pro Template


Headstart Lite is a multi-purpose no-code template that you can use to launch a simple website quickly without code on the Bubble platform. This template is a free version of our Headstart 3.0 template.
Note: Headstart template comes with 8 Premium Zeroqode Plugins. Please check the plugin page for a complete demonstration and how they are set. You need to subscribe or purchase the plugins in order to use them after purchasing this template. Otherwise please simply remove the plugins from the template.


  • 3 Landing page layouts
  • Dashboard components (tables, charts and widgets)
  • Responsive design
  • Admin page to keep track of registered users, as well as edit their username/user email or delete a user.
  • 8 Plugin demos
  • Login/signup page
  • And more

Data Structures


User data type holds all the information about users (name, profilephoto, country) and the ability to make a user admin using the boolean data type isAdmin.


Charts data type has only one data field called age and it is used to make a possible graphical representation of data in the charts.


Task data type and its field make possible dynamical representation and interaction of elements on the dashboard page.


Task type data type makes it possible to represent the information dynamically on the dashboard page and allows interaction, more specifically when interacting with "Tabs for new tasks" element within the editor.



This is the main page for the template. It provides important information about the features the template has.


Our admin panel has one tab. It's related to user data. When you enter the admin panel, you will automatically see a list of Users that are registered on the platform. Here you can either delete a user's information or edit it.


Blog page is a preview of the Blog functionality of our Headstart 3.0 template features. You can check out a brief representation of the blog elements that we have.


Blocks page is a preview of the Blocks section of our Headstart 3.0 template. It comprises Page Components, each containing 3 options. It has Profiles, Pricing blocks, Login and Register examples, headers & footers. It has prevoews of efficient web forms and UI Elements.


Dashboard page has 3 tabs, each containing dashboard components. There are tables, that are presented in 3 different layouts for various usages. They are fully responsive on any mobile device. It features a couple of widgets that you can use for data representation. It also features charts that can be used for the demonstration of dynamic data that you pull from your database.


Ecommerce page is a preview page of ecommerce functionality of our Headstart 3.0 template. You can check out a brief representation of ecommerce pages that we have.


Landing layout page serves as a ready design solution for a landing that you might want to launch asap. It has sections/blocks that are fully responsive.


Headstart Lite template comes with a bunch of Zeroqode's best plugins.
On this page, we present them from both the functional and descriptive side. You can either purchase or subscribe to one or to a few of them to use within your site or app. Otherwise, you can uninstall them.
We showcased our Pinterest plugin that gives you the opportunity to create a Pinterest like layout using a repeating group.
Second comes the Content Preloader plugin that creates a loading effect on your layout and keeps the users on the still loading page.
Next is the Rich Text Editor that has pro functionality together with another plugin called Bubble Page to PDF Converter. You can test them directly on the page by typing some text into the Rich Text Editor input and convert it right away into a PDF and download the PDF file.
Agora Web Conferencing plugin is next. You have the opportunity to test it out. All you have to do is share the Plugin_index page link with someone else and enter the same room on both devices.
Video Player advanced features allow you play the video by providing either an external link (e.g. Youtube or Vimeo) or a link to a video file from Bubble DB. You can set the playback speed, enable auto-play, auto-replay at the end, workflows to play next, previous, first, last video. You can also customize the color of the play button and the color of the playing bar.
DataTables is an advanced plugin that gives you the possibility to use data tables with your Bubble database. It includes searching, filtering, sorting, etc.
The last plugin demonstrated on this page offers you the opportunity to integrate Algolia Search plugin - a lighting fast search as a service solution for your app.


The 404 page is also known as an “error page” or “Page Not Found” page. This page indicates that the user reached the domain they requested, but the URL path provided no information.

Reusable Elements

This reusable holds the header which is used for all our pages, it's basically a "sitemap" because you can access all the pages from within it.
This reusable holds the footer which is used on most if not all the pages within the template.


This reusable holds a logged in user menu from within the header element.

Things to Note

Admin Rights

In order to prevent regular users to access the admin dashboard, there is a security measure in place using a boolean field isadmin within the USER data type. If you want to make someone an admin, you just have to change this field to yes. If non admin user accesses the admin page, he will not be able to do any manipulations because of the condition on page load that sends this user to index if the field admin field value is no for this particular user.
Under Data tab in the Editor, you could find the Data Type USER which has isadmin field with Yes/No condition for when Yes is set the Admin rights are enabled and user can edit or delete from Admin page.If No is set the Admin rights are disabled for the user.
isAdmin field
To get full access to all the actions, you can delete the conditional set to the group displayed below: Current User's isAdmin is "no".

API Keys

Several plugins require you to add your own API keys for them to work properly. You would need to get your own API keys for the following plugins:


‌This template comes with explicit notes for Database fields, States, etc., which will guide you through the modification process.
Database notes
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