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Devshop - Web Development Agency is a no-code template for the startup agency Bubble theme. This template is based on, has a clean and contemporary layout, and its versatility makes it perfect for a quick launch of your own no-code web dev business. We have equipped it with all the features that you need to create agency website. You’ll find it easy to manipulate every element of your website. Also, Devshop template is fully responsive! This template comes with such important features as portfolio, solutions, testimonial, admin dashboard page, etc.


  • Responsive design

  • Landing page

  • Contact

  • Dashboard

  • Portfolio gallery

  • Modern style, clean and minimalist design

  • Easy Customization

  • Smooth Animations

  • Custom Icons

  • Responsive & retina ready

  • Admin panel

Data Structure


This data type consists of:

  1. add_review - we need this cell to have one blank review, where we will be able to add the functionality for adding new reviews.

  2. Body - review text.

  3. Full Name - first name and last name of the person who leaves the review.

  4. Photo - the photo of the person who leaves the review.

  5. Function - the function/profession of person who leaves the review.


All orders that customers will send are stored in this table.


Here we have the following cells: add_portfolio, category, images, paragraph, title.


All the user emails that have subscribed are stocked here.


This data type consists of the: add_team, name, photo, function, sorting (in order to separate the first two cards with team members from the rest) .


This template doesn't have signup/login functionality, this table is just to give demo access.



The index page is the landing page for this template. It provides an overview of what the app has to offer; from the call to action for making and order and navigation to the dashboard, to showcasing pricing plans, partners, reviews and more.


The contact page provides a form for making inquiry or requests by entering your name, email and information about what you want in the associated input. Solutions This page contains the solutions provided by the company, here you will find descriptions for each in detail. Also here you will find a call to action section, and the pricing plan.

About Us

This page contains all the necessary information about the company, including the services provided by the company, with a button that takes you to the solution page. Also, all team members, and in the top row are the company managers.


This page shows why people choose Devshop, the most important thing here will be reviews from customers who have already used Devshop services!


This page contains all the work performed by the company, when you click on one of the cards, there will be a description for each work, the date when it was created, who was the client, and the picture in full size.


This page is for the owner of the app.

Things to Note

Admin page





we need this state, for understanding when the user clicks the “edit” button, and when he clicks the “add new” button. Also to make changes in the popup, like auto filling the inputs with already filled data from the database, when the state is "yes".



needed to pass the value of the current(selected) team member.



needed to pass the value of the current review.



needed to pass the value of the current work selected from portfolio list


Custom code

This template uses some css styles, that allow to make cool animations for our illustrations. You can find them, by searching HTML elements on the page in the editor.

There, you will find the css code, where you can select from an existing list of animations, or add your own css styles. Everything you need is to remember the class name (.class). The class name, you will need to replace, in the HTML elements, that are pieces of our illustration. Also replace the link of the illustration piece, to your illustration, or pieces of it.

Demo to preview the template

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